CPF approved proposal-budget 2008


Committee for Politics and Finance approved proposal budget of municipality of Gjilan for 2008, on general amount from 10.086.439 €uro, which comparing to 2007, is higher for 4.7%. Budget has been planned within allowed lines from Ministry for Economy and Finance and we cannot say that it is an ambitious sum, said Xhemajl Hyseni, president of Municipal Assembly.

According to Hyseni, budgetary and fiscal politics in Kosovo, still remain centralized and municipalities have to proceed within limitations determined by central level. Despite of this, municipality determined priorities in investments, regarding done proposals by respective directories, said Hyseni.

Planned budgetary parameters presented Ilmi Limani, high financial officer. Municipality incomes in the budget of 2008 will be 2.200.000 €uro, whereas the other part from 7.886.439 €uro has been assured from governmental grant, he said.

According to Liman, incomes from consolidated budget of Kosovo will be higher for 3.32%, while incomes sing an increase at planning for 10%. A lower increase of budget has been planned also in education, but if MEF doesn’t allow additional facilities from 389 thousand €uro, over planned amount from 5.363.211 €uro, there will be problems also during 2008, said Limani. Concerning to primary health were seen 1.133.700 €uro.

Nuhi Nuhiu, communal director for budget and finance, said that for capital investments have been planned 1.901.600 €uro, or 226 thousand €uro more than this year. Otherwise, he reminded to members of Committee for Politics and Finance that municipality of Gjilan realized incomes of the period of Januar-August of this year on the level from 94 % and this cipher has been taken as orientator parameters on planning of incomes of 2008.

Parallel to reduction of expenses, where this year prevailed a high consciousness on expense of planned funds, the head of executive Zijadin Maliqi asked for more engagement also at increase of incomes level, because many capital investments depends from this resource.

Many other members of Committee made their evaluation and comments for proposal-budget 2008; such are Lirie Kajtazi, Vebi Salihu, Izmi Zeka, Shefqet Murtezi and others.

Data: 06.10.2007