December won’t bring important decision for Kosovo


“Kosova don’t need to wait any important decision on 10th of December, because this is only the date of ending up of negotiations. Leaders know this and this has to be told to citizens, too”, said KFOR commandant, General Xavier de Marnhac, during a visit in Gjilan, where he met municipality president, chiefs of councilors’ groups in Municipal Assembly, and also to leaders of KPS, KPT and others.

During his visit, KFOR commandant visited market-place at Orthodox Church, where he saw participants of community who came there, sell and by different products, fearless. Marnhac said that he is convinced that freely movement, peace and safety in Gjilan are reality and as a sign of acknowledgment he awarded his personal medallion to municipality president, Xhemajl Hyseni, where is the inscription “devoted peace”.

In a press conference, Xhemajl Hyseni, municipality president, said that General Marnhac announced about activities of communal institutions, safety and stability, process of election and expectancy to solve Kosovo statute. “We think process of statute is going on its right way, while it’s up to citizens to decide for the best ones”, said Hyseni.

Whereas, general Marnhac, said that Kosova is in two very important processes, such are election of November and its political statute, reminding to people of Gjilan that Mission of Peacekeepers Troops is to take care of safety and stability and promised that KFOR will guarantee peace, but he asked for help also from leaders and citizens from here, parallel of common activity to UNMIK policy and KPS. As far as I know, although our mission isn’t political one, on 10th December won’t happen anything special in Kosova.

Leaders know that and it must be told to citizens, too, in order not to expect anything great on that day. I hope decision for statute will be taken somewhere in the middle of January 2008, said KFOR commandant, because I don’t believe that process will closed up on 10th of December, in the evening, he said.

Otherwise, Marnhac replied to the issue concerning to presentation of masks in Kosovy and commission of Car Llazar, in Serbia, naming them as illegal group and he said that KFOR is a legal base, which gives right to arrest these people. “They give a very bad image for Kosova, because this isn’t the way to help Kosova in this critical phase”, he said.

Otherwise, KFOR Commandant evaluated as normal visit of Serbian President, Tadiq, who he made to Serbian troops along Kosova border, saying that he has right to this in his territory.

Also KFOR commandant visited in the afternoon Partesh, a Serbian village of Gjilan municipality, which will be a new Serbian municipality in Anamorava, if package of Ahtisar will be realized.

Data: 11.10.2007