In Partesh was inaugurated cultural-sportive complex


Leader of USA Office in Prishtinė, Tina Kaidanov promised support of American Government for Serbian community in Partesh of Gjilan, where it was inaugurated, on Monday, new Centre of Communion and games’ square. It’s known that under Ahtisar’s project, Partesh will be a new Serbian municipality in Anamorav.

I’m here to support community of Partesh, said Kaidanov, evaluating as too important cultural-sportive complex, because through this project, as she said, will be identified youth of Partesh. “Moreover this project is a symbol of cooperation among Partesh and American Government”, evaluated leader of USA office in Prishtina, adding thus all are demonstrating caution for the future of Serbian community in Kosovo.

She promised this cooperation to Serbian community will be increased much more in the future; the only aim will be to improve living quality of Serbian in Partesh and everywhere in Kosova. American diplomatist promised as soon as possible in Partesh will be build another cultural centre for people’s needs, who live there.

Whereas, Dagllas Earhrat, commandant of East Multinational Brigade (EMB), greeting Partesh inhabitans and especially children of Serbian community in Gjilan municipality, said that the project has been realized based on inhabitants demand.

“This centre is a symbol of our partnership to civil society, to population and to the youth of Partesh”, said American General Earhart, promising that also KFOR cooperation to Partesh will go on in the future. “I assure that devotion of American KFOR for your best will go on for a long time”, said Earhart.

Vesna Jovanoviq acknowledged on behalf of Partesh inhabitants, who evaluated the project as a motive of youth from here for life and work, from American Government.

Otherwise, project was financed by American KFOR and USAID, on total amount from 210 000 American dollars. Construction of the Centre of community and games’ square is a part of KFOR support towards achievement of a peaceful and safe environment in Kosova.

Data: 17.10.2007