Directors’ Board for this structure


Directors’ Board had the last meeting on Thursday, with the actual structure, where was presented a financial information for nine months period of this year. Initially, so far executive leader, Zijadin Maliqi said that he and also two other communal directors, Shpresė Hajdari (culture) and Musa Kamberi (cadastre), who apply on November’s election as candidates for communal councilors, will be substituted by practitioner of the duty, Bardhyl Syla, Hasan Bunjaku and Bardhosh Dalipi.

So far executive leader thanked communal directors, ordering them to repay debts for commands, otherwise foreseen funds concerning to this, which were sorted out by Government grant, at the end of the year will be return to sufficient.

Otherwise, in nine months period of this year, municipality of Gjilan realized satisfactory budgetary parameters, realizing incomes from 93% and spending funds under planned setting, said Nuhi Nuhiu, practitioner of the duty of communal director for budget and finance.

Moreover, Nuhiu and Maliqi denounced dejection to more lower level of cashing on taxes on property and they demand from respective sector and communal directors to get more engaged in this direction, in order municipality of Gjilan not loosing Government grant from 442 thousand €uro, if it doesn’t reach realization of planned sum by Ministry of Economy and Finance on amount from 500 thousand €uro.

According to Maliqi, this quote could be replaced if KTA fulfill a part of obligation for privatized enterprises, as it was promised. He said from KTA is demanded that for two privatized enterprises, ex- Factory of Tobacco and ex-enterprise of “28 Nėntori” to repay obligation of taxes on property, on amount from over 150 thousand €uro.

Ilmi Limani, chief financial official announced Directors’ Board that Ministry of Economy and Finance made interruption to municipality budget, by getting tools from five communal directors, without preliminary consult with us, on behalf of premium for 12% in education, but risking payments’ fund of five directors, he said.

Data: 26.10.2007