Colonel Scott said he is leaving from Kosovo happily


American colonel Stiven Scott, deputy-commandant of General Daglas Erhart, commandant of East Multinational Brigade, whose mandate in Kosovo will be ended on Friday, thanked for cooperation and support municipality president of Gjilan, Xhemajl Hyseni, during a farewell meeting, on Tuesday in Gjilan, where at the same time presented his descendant in this duty, Colonel Richard Hayes.

On behalf of citizens of Gjilan, Hyseni thanked on this occasion Colonel Scott and all American soldiers and superiors of this mandate, for their devotion on peaceful and security mission in Kosovo. Colonel Scott must be proud of leaving such a peace, safety, he leaves a quiet city and more improved than it was a year before, said Hyseni.

While high official of American Army, that it was a pleasure for him he was able to work with citizens from here and with such a communal leader as Hyseni, inviting him by all means to be present on ceremony of command shift in “Bondstill”.

Moreover, Hyseni said that KFOR have had an irreplaceable role in this period and it’s necessary now and in the future, when in Kosovo are in process two big and important issues, as of political status and November’s election. He denounced convinced that Kosovo will pass successfully both processes and Colonel Hayes will be witness of these great progresses.

Colonels Scoot and Hayes were more interested on November’s election and also about citizens’ interest to take part in this democratic process, whereas Hyseni said he believes election will be successful, but according to him, at Serbian community there is still a dilemma if they will take part or not in this process.

Actually, Serbians are interested to take part in election, but oppression from Belgrade on them is very strong, said Xhemajl Hyseni, president of Gjilan, in the meeting with Colonels Scott and Hayes.

Data: 31.10.2007